Every designer or an architecture who thinks about people who dwells in home, or works at any architectural source called office, has experienced Floor plan – People who choose to live in a house of a certain quality, might not like the same altitudes at their place of work or business. Humans look for the best floor-plan to fit almost their needs. Irrespective of a readymade design or a new construction.

Here are some qualitative ideas that aid in Floor Plan Designs.

Best-fit: – All the floor plans that are to be designed need not be the perfect fit for everything that the homeowner desire to keep in, rather it shall be the best fit for the lifestyle of the homeowner. According to the lifestyle needs, the floor plan shall be developed.

3D Restaurants Floor Plan
3D Building Floor Plan India

Legibility: – Most of the time, the designers commonly do not focus on the legibility. But, being a good designer, it comes under professional ethics that the legible, clear and continuous information-flow is maintained, either textual or graphical. This adds the value in the mind who glances it and is more likely to be chosen and adopted.

Occupancy: – The floor plan shall accommodate all that is contained in the place. If something is left in the floor plan, which is physically present, then it can spoil the whole layout and structure of future architectural works that is to be undergone nearly. Focus on occupancy and all the amenities, structure patters, empty spaces are included in the floor-plan.


Orientation: – Keep floor plan direction oriented and purposely developed. Sometimes bad direction in designing of the floor plan can spoil the whole agenda. For instance, if a factory is considered, and its floor plan is to be developed, then it is a pretty bad idea to keep multiple rooms for same purpose, reason being, its factory, not a house. Therefore, be oriented with purpose.

Make it Futuristic: – The technology and industrial revolution, altogether, has given many new concepts of productivity and making lives easier. So only, the floor plans that have the futuristic approach are better valued and produces satisfaction. In future, the place may have to undergo a change or some scope of improvement if needs changes. Hence, keep in mind this area of changes and make them possible to achieve with the floor plans. Not only, that, it should be quite easier for minor changes to make.


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